Sangreal Restaurant

"The Sangreal" is another name for the Holy Grail, a legendary sacred vessel associated with divine revelation, whose origins go back to the Last Supper.

In Arthurian legend, the Grail quest represented a heroic and mystic adventure attempted by the Knights of the Round Table.


Opening hours:           07.00 Hrs  until  10.00 Hrs    Breakfast

                                   12.30 Hrs  until  15.00 Hrs     Lunch

                                   19.30 Hrs  until  22.00 Hrs     Dinner


Located in front of the pool, the main restaurant at Camelot offers fresh buffets with a wide array of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

With different themed buffets, this restaurant provides a true dining experience. 

* No alcoholic drinks will be served during the full-moon ‘Poya day’ festivities or other special days as stipulated by Sri Lankan law.